King and King partnered with I.M. Pei to design Syracuse University’s expanded journalism school, named after the publishing magnate S.I. Newhouse. Three buildings were planned and built. Newhouse 1 was completed in 1964 utilizing the ultra-modern technique of cast-in-place concrete. In 1965, the building was named a top four honor building by the American Institute of Architects.

Newhouse Dedication: History was made on several levels on August 5, 1964. President Johnson (far right) and the First Lady (left of LBJ) cut the ribbon on Newhouse 1. Harry King and I.M. Pei are visible on the left side of the photo, with Russ King on the left edge. President Johnson delivered his famous “Gulf of Tonkin” speech on campus that day, which set the stage for the escalation of the Vietnam War.