Cafeteria and Kitchen

Location:  Baldwinsville, NY

Completed:  Winter 2019

Program:  Cafeteria & Kitchen

Construction Type:  Renovation and Addition

The goals for this project were to improve the product flow in the kitchen, increase the number of servicing options, provide a concession space for use by extracurricular activities and create a café that can be utilized by students and staff throughout the day.

The renovation is approximately 6,500sf with the kitchen being approximately 4,000sf and includes production and cooking areas, a dry food storage space, laundry room, toilet rooms, a staff breakroom and manager’s office. To create additional space and improve the production flow of the kitchen, the cooler and freezer were constructed outside with direct access through the exterior wall to the production area.

The serving area is 1,800sf and includes a total of four lines in two separate serving spaces. This provides flexibility, allows for a variety of meal options and reduces the time students are in line. The glass wall between the cafeteria and serving areas allows for natural light and the color theme and digital menu/message boards invite you into the space.

A 200sf concession stand is directly off the kitchen but access can be limited when outside groups are utilizing the concession space.

The 450sf café is a focal point of this project and designed to be a grab and go option for snacks and beverages throughout the day. There is also a small seating area with high-top tables where students and staff can meet or sit and eat.