Tasting Room

Location:  Ovid, NY

Completed:  Fall 2016

Program:  Winery + Tasting Room

Construction Type:  New Construction

Boundary Breaks Vineyard is a winery located on a gently sloping site on the Eastern shore of Seneca Lake, midway between Geneva to the North and Watkins Glen to the South.  Beginning with a project masterplan outlining several phases, the 7,000 square foot tasting, administrative and storage building provides a permanent home for a winery with a short but accomplished history.  The building is a reflection of its place and helps to create an experience for family, friends, visitors and staff that embodies Arcadian ideals, by embracing the process of winemaking and the cycles of nature.

Drawing influence from the region, which consists of many private homes and municipal buildings constructed in the 1800s under the Greek revival tradition, the building design incorporates elements and detailing including the golden mean proportion system, bringing a sense of order and scale to both the interior and exterior.  This locally sourced inspiration is extended further into the overall massing of the project on the site, where three individual volumes, each serving a distinctive purpose, are strung together by much smaller connectors, tying the entire building together.  This strategy is indicative of many classic agricultural buildings that have been expanded over time.   For the purposes of natural daylighting and site approach, the tasting room is located furthest to the south, screening much of the 5,000-square foot storage volume from direct view.  In orienting the three volumes north-south, the main entry and parking occur just off Porter Covert Road on the east, maintaining the lush and scenic 180 degree views towards Seneca Lake to the west.

Boundary Breaks is striving for a distinctly personal and heartfelt experience where quality takes precedence over quantity.  This is a place where the story of the wine, the ritual of its production and history is of equal importance with its taste.  The tasting room therefore takes on a domestic scale and attitude.  This modestly sized space has the feeling of a traditional farmhouse kitchen and dining room, where visitors can come in direct contact with the wine, winemaker and each other.  The simple articulation of concrete, wood and copper furnishings and finishes add to the comfortable atmosphere of the space.  Built in custom cabinetry around the exterior windows provide displays of the various vintages available as well as informational graphics describing the wine making process and history of the property.  Additional bottle storage is also built-in, introducing a repetitive visual texture to the wall surfaces.  Directly to the west out of the tasting room is a covered patio and clearing for outdoor tasting and events.

The building design unites the spirit of place and people together by responding to the surrounding landscape and embodying Arcadian ideals.