Office Space

Location:  Syracuse, NY

Completed:  Summer 2012

Program:  Office

Construction Type:  Addition +Renovation

Sustainability:   LEED Certified

Awards:  2012 AIACNY Architecture Award

“Agent of change in the community, transparency, proximity + relationships, increase collaboration, stewardship of funds, ability to meet traditional with contemporary design…” – All essential values for the Community Foundation as they envisioned their new home.  Design reflected from the foundation’s values, there’s no mistaking why the former 1917 University Club building of Syracuse was destined to be the future home of their vision.

Traditional meets contemporary design…
Moving the entrance from the old traditional street side to a appropriate place on the eastern portion of the building allowed additional space on the first and second floors, creating a very welcoming, transparent lobby and contemporary entrance, all while maintaining and honoring the traditional facade of the University Club facing fireman’s park.

LEED Certified, emphasis was placed on saving everything possible not only from environmental standpoints, also to have a connection back to the history of this distinguished landmark.

Among it’s unique features, original lavish Terrazzo flooring spills out from the grand ballroom into the halls and leads you to the balcony of the second level.  Additionally exceptional, the key element of this open and transparent structure, the first floor’s existing fireplace ops as the focal point, tying users together bringing collaboration to the forefront. From windows that mimic those originally used throughout the building, to the way the structure physically sits overlooking the park, nothing was left to chance, it was all by design.