Location:  Cortland, NY

Completed:  Spring 2020

Program:  Auditorium

Construction Type:  Renovation

The Cortland Junior Senior High School was built in 1964 and included an 8,400 SF Auditorium as part of its original construction.  Over the decades the building has undergone multiple additions and renovations, however, the Auditorium has received only minor upgrades over this time.  As a result, it was due for a full renovation.  

The project’s focus was to improve the accessibility, technical capabilities and overall experience for the audience and performers of the space. This included vertically expanding the fly space over the stage and providing a new state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems that can be controlled to support a variety of different performance types.  Acoustical wood wall and ceiling panels along with suspended clouds provide a contemporary new look and help to acoustically balance the sound. The original catwalk was reconstructed to include an access stair, improving the safety and accessibility to the enhanced stage lighting system.  Other accessibility improvements were included such as additional handicapped seating throughout the space and direct stage access for those in wheelchairs. 

To further enhance the project, the lobby and exterior courtyard leading to the Auditorium were improved.  This work included a ticket booth and toilet rooms to support events in the Auditorium.  These adjacent components were key in providing a welcoming and inviting environment as well as creating a source of pride for the District: their tiger paw symbol is prominently featured in the courtyard paving design and on the backlit exterior signage on the side of the expanded auditorium fly space.