Outpatient Health Facility

Location:  Syracuse, NY

Completed:  Summer 2021

Program:  Outpatient Health Facility

Construction Type:  New Construction

Crouse Health’s Pomeroy Treatment Center, located in Syracuse along Crouse Erie Boulevard East, is a 42,000 square foot outpatient health facility that supports medicated treatment programs, a primary care suite, activity and group therapy spaces as well as one on one counselling offices. The driving force behind the design was the vision to provide a holistic approach to treatment within a bright and welcoming environment. In the design, we aimed to amplify the care delivery provided with an integrated connection to the natural environment.

As the heart to the facility, the central courtyard was designed to connect each distinct department with a unifying space, filled with filtered daylight, vibrant plant life and integrated through the building with immersive wall art. This became the organizing mechanism of the design. While patients, staff and visitors alike travel throughout the building, the courtyard and large open lobby act as the orienting guide, creating a source of comfort and familiarity during their visit no matter the duration.

The exterior design is composed of natural tones in the field material along with wood-look panels, organized around a rhythm of glazing distributed across the façade. The façade opens up at the main entry to the building, creating a 2-story expanse of glazing covered by an extension from the roof, and protecting the lobby with transparency that connects the exterior to the interior. The layering of these spaces from the front drive, adjoining the covered portico, entering into the lobby and connecting to the lightwell culminate in a deep integration of the building with the surrounding landscape. The site design includes a staff patio, patient activity courtyard and therapy garden. Each of which further incorporates the interior programs of the building with outdoor spaces for patient treatment and staff use.

From the integrated exterior – interior design, to the daylit central courtyard, and the multitude of distinctive treatment programs both within and outside the building’s footprint, Crouse’s Pomeroy Treatment Center showcases holistic treatment of addiction, while bringing a connection to nature for all those who encounter it.