Oswego Behavioral Health Services

Location:  Oswego, NY

Completed:  2021

Program:  Mental Health + Wellness Services

Construction Type:  Adaptive Reuse/Renovation

The Oswego Health Lakeview Center for Mental Health is a 48,000-sf building, located at the edge of the Oswego waterfront, serving as both an inpatient and outpatient facility. This project works to put patients at ease by surrounding them with the water-smoothed stones and the cool blues inspired by the nearby waterfront. The building is designed with a nautical lakeside exterior façade that blends into a warm & comfortable interior, fostering a hospitality feel to compliment the clinical functions of the Lakeview Center.

The design adaptively re-uses what was a simple retail grocery story, transforming it into a Center for Mental Health.  The large rectangular volume was strategically modified to improve staff and patient experiences. The entrance is announced with a new car port creating a focal point of a patient drop off.  A pair of courtyards were created by carving into the volume, to define the inpatient and outpatient wings of the Center. These courtyards provide the interior with a direct connection to nature through windows in each patient room for abundant daylighting, as well as terraces that stretch out from the activity rooms, allowing a secure place for treatment while being surrounded by fresh air and greenery.

The project embodies Oswego Health’s vision to provide security and convenience for patients and their caregivers. The inpatient units are designed with complete focus of integrating the staff with the patients.  The staff are located at the heart of the inpatient suites in workspaces that gently curve into the main corridors.  This helps to provide clear vantage points down the hallways.  Inpatient rooms deliver dignified spaces that offer security and functionality.  The outpatient rooms are also made with future flexibility in mind as they can convert from consultation or therapy spaces to exam rooms, or further outfitted to meet the unforeseen future needs of Mental Healthcare.

Serving as a celebration of local context as well as a welcoming, and safe facility for patients, employees and visitors, the Oswego Health Lakeview Center for Mental Health unifies functional healthcare programming with the soft, calming landscape of its location to embrace the restorative nature of a day by the seaside.