Neurosurgery Outpatient Suite Renovations

Location:  Syracuse, NY

Completed:  2020

Program:  Neurology Suite

Construction Type:  Renovation + Relocation

This project consists of an approximately 5,000 sf renovation on the First Level of Upstate University Hospital’s Community Campus located in Syracuse, NY. The areas of renovation include relocation and renovation of the Neurosurgery Outpatient Clinical program into an existing vacant Suite (3,800 sf), as well as the renovation and relocation of the supporting Office program to an adjacent existing office space (1,460 sf). The Clinic portion of the suite features a large check-in and waiting area for Patients, with a large feature stone wall to add warmth to the space. The Exam rooms are laid out in a racetrack format, with the Nurse Station located in the center – this helps with wayfinding for staff and patients, as well as reduction of steps for staff. The built-in charting areas for staff within the Exam rooms add to the efficiency of the space, while the walls of the rooms and hallways are accented with artwork to add to the Patient experience.