Transportation Center

Location:  Baldwinsville, NY

Completed:  Winter 2019

Program:  Transportation Center and Offices

Construction Type:  New Construction

Award:  2021 Citation for Design

The goals for the new transportation center were to construct a state-of-the-art facility to maintain and prolong the useful life of the District’s fleet, remove all unnecessary transportation department traffic from the village, provide an off-campus training center for staff, and create opportunities to share services with local municipalities.

The facility and all site improvements occupy 12.5 acres of the 28.8 – acre site purchased by the District for this project. Site features included paved parking for the entire 70 plus bus fleet, staff and visitor lots with access control to the secure bus parking area. All of the concrete walks and door aprons include a snow melt system; this will reduce the amount of salt and other chemical melting agents required to maintain safe access into the facility. There is a snow scraper to remove snow from the bus tops, electric vehicle charging stations and a fueling island that can receive full tanker trucks of both gasoline and diesel fuel. The island was designed with a provision for alternative fuels such as propane.

The building is 41,000sf and houses the transportation and vehicle maintenance staff. The entire building is heated with an in-floor radiant system, a high efficiency ventilation system and LED lighting. Security systems include electronic access control and video surveillance. Translucent panels, skylights and large windows walls to bring daylight into interior spaces as well as provide views to the surrounding wooded site. The office area is approximately 15,000sf and includes a visitor lobby and waiting space, offices for the supervisor and dispatchers, records storage, 2 conference rooms, and a staff breakroom as well as 3,700sf of training spaces. The maintenance area is 21,000sf and includes a mechanics’ office, locker rooms, parts and fluids storage spaces, 13 service bays with 6 diamond lifts, a 20,00lbs 2 post freedom lift and a 70,000lbs sky lift. Each work bay includes a workbench and toolbox station, electrical cord reels, air compressor lines, fluids dispenser and drop-down exhaust hookups. The space also included a 1,400sf body shop, a 1,600sf paint booth and a 2,000sf wash and detailing bay.