Club 44

Location:  Syracuse, NY

Completed:  Winter 2009

Program:  Bar + Lounge

Construction Type:  Renovation

SU Club 44 is a 3,253 sf upscale members only club/lounge within the context of a 49,262‐seat sports stadium. The space is 23 feet wide and 150 feet long, serving gourmet food and drinks. You can come before and after the game, during half time or stay the whole time enjoying the action, live through the concourse curtain wall or on flat screen televisions from the comfort of a lounge chair. The counter top attached to the concourse curtain wall provides an opportunity to sit on the bar stools and watch the activity as it passes by.

The clusters of drum light pendants define lounge areas creating a more intimate atmosphere. The lighting solutions along with the trademark “S” behind the bar, reinforce the mystique of the space from the main concourse. Color variations within the stripes on the flooring are perpendicular to the bar and help to accentuate the width of the room as well as providing a subtle abstract play on yard lines. Aluminum light boxes create the liquor shelving behind the bar and accentuate the bottles utilizing the up lighting from below. All of these elements create a space that is dynamic, alluring and the perfect accessory to activities in the stadium or an experience all it’s own.