Wellwood Middle School

Middle School

Location: Manlius, NY

Completed: 2021

Program: Adaptation/Reconfiguration/Reconstruction

Construction Type: Addition + Renovation

The Addition at Wellwood Middle School included a Lobby space located between the existing 1930’s building and the building addition. The original building was difficult to navigate as there were many different levels and accessibility was maintained with the use of a lift in a storage room. One of the goals at Wellwood was to improve the accessibility and the connection between the various levels while also creating a social space. The Lobby addition was designed with a centrally located accessible ramp and stair connecting the various levels while also creating a physical connection between the Main office,
Large group instruction and the Media Center. The lobby also featured the original 1930’s brick work with custom fire rated windows designed to replicate the historic quality of the original building. The design also included the use of similar materials such as Limestone panels to the original construction but designed in a modern way as well as clerestory windows, high ceilings and carefully integrated HVAC. The Lobby Addition at Wellwood illustrates thoughtful design to create a physical, accessible and usable connection between the old and the new while highlighting the historic quality of the original building.