Community Library

Location:  Albion, NY

Completed:  Fall 2011

Program:  Public Library

Construction Type:  New Construction

The Hoag Library is a neighborhood centered and sustainably sensitive design that encourages connection and community interaction.  The exterior envelope of the building combines textures and colors that respond to the architectural context that exists in the village of Albion. The form of the building and its use of glazing are organized to maximize natural daylighting and enhance the user experience on the interior.

The interior space is composed of three distinct zones. The first zone located along Main Street is considered the “active” zone. It includes the community rooms and a lounge/seating area. The “control” zone includes the entry, circulation desk and staff area immediately adjacent. The third zone includes all “private” library functions. All three zones are connected through a circulation spine for easy access to the users. Extensive consideration was given to the accommodation of technology that is ever-changing by creating a building that utilizes adaptable and flexible spaces.

The entry lobby area includes inviting seating and a new book collection. Wall areas provide space for the library art collection. The community area includes ample tables and seating for visitors as well as a kitchenette. Additional spaces in the library include a Children’s Collection area designed with patterns to help create a youthful feel and a Youth Collection area with half wall heights to allow for visual access to the space for monitoring and shared views.