Campus Master Plan

Location:  Syracuse, NY

Completed:  May 2015

Program:  Campus Master Plan

The Le Moyne College facility Master Plan outlines potential future campus development for several decades to come. As the College identifies its long-term goals for growth and for changing academic, social and wellness needs, the Master Plan attempts to identify smart and flexible development of the campus.  It also provides guides for future development that will reinforce the aesthetics and organizational intent proposed by Eggers and Higgins Architects, with the colleges original 1945 Campus Master Plan vision.

The Planning Process consisted of interactive work sessions with the campus stakeholders, which were used to establish the College vision, values, and expectations for the outcome of this process.  Several presentations and open fora took place during this 12-month process.  These discussions gave the Le Moyne community opportunity to share their feedback and views, which helped, shape the new proposed vision.  As Le Moyne College continues to evolve and grow, this Master Plan will be adapted to meet the educational needs, changes and trends.

Future development on campus will always consider the three values of this Master Plan: Honor the Jesuit Tradition, Preserve and Enhance Existing Environments, and Prioritize Sustainability.  This will be reinforced through the approach towards aesthetics, materials, and sense of place as envisioned by the founders.   In addition the Master Plan process identified four guiding principles that support the Le Moyne College Mission and values.

Reinforce the Academic Core: focuses on the diverse learning communities by providing cutting edge facilities to respond to the interdisciplinary and forward-thinking academic vision of Le Moyne.

Improve Campus Identity: sets the goals to enhance the campus experience and improve the approach by defining the campus edges and entrances with consistent aesthetics.  The College shall maintain and improve the existing natural green outdoor environment unique to Le Moyne College.

Promote Wellness: discusses improvements that support the educational community by providing safe and comfortable environments, to promote throughout the campus environment the spiritual, intellectual, and physical wellness of the community.

 Enhance Living Communities: promotes the holistic learning experience by providing living environments conducive to the education, health, and wellness of the students.