Location:  Syracuse, NY

Completed:  September 2015

Program:  Cafe and Kitchen

Construction Type:  Renovation

Provisions Bakery and Restaurant was first established downtown in 1988 and had remained the same ever since.  Most of the original finishes of the 875 SF space had exceeded their lifespan and were in desperate need of replacement.  In that time, Provisions has had a strong commitment to the local community and is a partner of AccessCNY, helping adults with disabilities to gain work experience.  Through this commitment, the goal of the renovations was to improve the flow and experience of both patrons and staff.

The original layout, while appropriate when initially designed, provided poor circulation, limited seating, disproportional storage, allowed for direct views into the less desirable staff only spaces, and consisted of a finish palate that had become outdated.  The existing bakery display location in particular congested the dining space and placed several circulation paths directly on top of one another making buying a cup of coffee a very difficult endeavor.

The design team studied many variations of where to place the bakery cases and counter and how the traffic pattern would affect patrons dinning in.  The ultimate design places the cases towards the back wall creating a more generous and open area up front for seating.  This strategy allowed us to provide a number of different seating options organized into three zones, one lined with booth seating promoting a more intimate setting, several sets of movable tables that allows for larger groups to gather and a high top area along the window for a more informal setting.  Both the booths and high top areas are equipped with power and data for those looking to plug-in throughout the day.  The reorganization of the bakery display case also provides a focal point to the patron experience and highlights the baked goods from the moment you walk through the door.

To help further the vision to create an open and comforting space, this rustic design features a warm and natural material palate of wood and masonry with softened white walls helping to showcase the work of local artists and students.  The design has been very well received since its completion last year.  Provisions has also seen a dramatic increase in the number of patrons dining in as opposed to taking out.